Who We Are

Right Column: 



Bridget Rowe

Bridget is a highly experienced professional in the media, marketing and reputational management fields.
Her background is in print journalism where she rapidly rose to the top level in the industry… an industry which can only be fully understood by having worked on the inside… Having worked closely with the three M’s, Murdoch, Maxwell and Montgomery.
She also has extensive experience in the worlds of broadcast and communications, both corporate and political.



Editor Sunday Mirror 
Editor The People 
Managing Director of The Sunday Mirror and The People 



Editor TV Times
Editor of Woman’s Own
Editor The News of the World colour supplement


Director of Communications 

National Magazine Company
UK Independence Party



Appeared on various news and discussion programmes on television and radio. Including Loose Women, What The Papers Say and The Today Programme



Judge for the Society of Editors Press Awards

Left Column: 



James Pryor

James is a highly experienced communications professional and has worked at a senior level on many elections around the world.


His skills and experience give him the ability to adapt all the successful techniques he has acquired to offer clients a tailor-made package with the most up to date campaign ideas. 


Head of Presentation for the Conservative Party during which time he was seconded to Downing Street to work on all the Prime Minister’s overseas and high profile visits


Senior Advisor to President F.W de Klerk in the first democratic elections in South Africa


Head of Presentation for The Referendum Party


Senior Campaign and Communications Advisor to the Inkatha Freedom Party


Communications Advisor to the Presidential Spokesperson for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party


Senior Campaign Advisor to Progressive Liberal Party in the Bahamas


Campaign Director for UKIP


He advised the National Democratic Convention in Ghana and the Basothu National Party in Lesotho. He has also worked at senior level on election campaigns in Libya, Kenya, Malawi and Trinidad and Tobago


James has also assisted commercial clients including British Satellite News, Anaconda World Wide Mining, EDS, Alfred Dunhill, Aston Martin, Philip Morris and the Principle Hotel Group.