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Chartwell Political can offer the following turnkey services: 


Cyber Security

It is of pivotal importance that every aspect of communication – including team emails and campaign websites – are served from a secure data-room.  This technical set-up protects the team from external threats, including hackers and opposition groups.   Every attack picked up on the firewall is monitored and hostile parties identified and tracked to ground.  It is equally important to establish strict internal security protocols – including monitoring - to prevent unwarranted leaks and disclosures.


Intelligence Gathering

‘Keyword’ data-mining can uncover information from the ‘Subnet’* that can transform a campaign.  These leads often contain intelligence, which can be tactically deployed to undermine opposition groups.  These are fed into the main campaign database – the library at the heart of the campaign for all political research and PR messaging.


Cyber Management

Campaign leaders and other prominent players are vulnerable to reputation attacks in the media, online blogs and social media.  These are often placed by anonymous sources running ‘dirty tricks’ operations for opposition groups.  It is possible to mount counter-intelligence operations, especially in cyberspace, to neutralise these attacks.


[* The Subnet exists below the radar of proprietary search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc., which carry only 5% of the total number of websites on the Internet]

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Chartwell Political is uniquely placed to identify the range of threats that can emerge to destabilise political and election campaigns.   It is well known that ‘best intelligence’ wins wars, especially Information Wars. The battle for hearts and minds hinges, crucially, on securing, shaping, re-shaping and controlling the Message. This means engineering the best security, the best research and the best message dissemination.


Broadcast media, the Press and increasingly social media outlets form the modern political battlefield. Campaigns can be won or lost because crucial information has been intercepted or leaked into the public domain.